A couple weeks ago, I told you I had made a special request to the Universe and the Universe had answered. As precise as I was with my demands for the perfect man for me, I may have forgotten a few things. For example, I wish he made time for me. So far I’ve gotten rainchecks and cancellations. And I’ve gotten no feedback at all about my last blog, except that he’s letting it sink in.

I feel so inspired when I think of him that I can’t stop writing lyrics that I hope he will turn into songs.

I should add to my list that I want communication, respect, loyalty, honesty and exclusivity. My past relationships didn’t include respect or exclusivity, I deeply need that now. So the question is: Is he ready? Does he want the same thing as me? Or is he still healing from his past? I have so many questions, but he has no time for us to be an “us” whether as friends or more.

My friend says I should keep my options open. I think she’s right. I don’t want a one-way relationship. It’s true that I don’t have much to offer. Except a lot of love, affection, attention and time. I’m not as beautiful and sexy as I used to be, I’ve aged and gotten sick, but I’m on the path to get better.

So yeah, basically, you can ask for precisely anything, and the Universe will answer, just make sure you add all the details.

Here’s a song I like, full of gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Ask the Universe, Part 2

  1. I love you. Strong beautyfull woman that you are. You have so much more to offer than you think. They need to have a special soul to see how precious you are. If they dont its totaly their lost not yours. Sending lots of love and positivity ❀❀❀

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