Last week in school, we had to do a project on a country of our choice. It didn’t take me long to choose Jamaica. My favourite country ever. Jamaicans are a beautiful people. Simple, happy, freedom loving. They live with the mantra “We are too blessed to be stressed“. Gotta love that!

I had the privilege of spending one month there a few years ago. I went from Ocho Rios to Montego Bay to Negril passing through small villages and lush greenery. The country is filled with vegetation: sugar cane, tropical fruit and marijuana among other plants. They have everything they need to survive, including sunshine all year round.

At one point during my visit, we saw a car accident with one of the vehicles upside down. We were told that “it’s no problem ‘mon! Only a situation”. Imagine living with that attitude? I’ve taken that mantra and made it my own. Too blessed to be stressed. Life is beautiful and I focus on the positive as much as I possibly can. I’m grateful for the little I have and especially grateful for the wonderful people in my life.


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