I am a published author and an experienced graphic designer with strong skills in web design, marketing and communication. With extensive knowledge of design principles and marketing strategy, I am able to create impactful visual communications that effectively convey key messages to target audiences. I have worked on a range of projects, including branding, advertising, and social media campaigns, and am adept at working collaboratively with clients and colleagues. My focus on clear, concise communication ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed and up to date on project developments and outcomes.

I also have experience as a life coach with NLP practitioner skills. I am equipped with powerful tools and techniques to help my clients achieve their goals and transform their lives. With my ability to communicate effectively, actively listen, and provide meaningful feedback, I can help clients identify limiting beliefs and behaviors that have been holding them back. Using NLP techniques such as visualization and anchoring, I can assist clients in developing new and empowering thought patterns that enable them to achieve their desired outcomes and live more fulfilling lives.


Please feel free to send a voluntary contribution to my blog via Paypal or Interac to the following address: nathalieayotte01@gmail.com.

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