A little bit about me…

I’m an empty-nester. My son has flown out of the coop a few years ago and I live alone with my two cats.

I’m single and still searching for my life partner.

I’m a writer, graphic designer, and an artist.

When I was young, my father, who was an alcoholic, manic-depressive, and violent policeman, took pleasure in mistreating us and threatened to kill us. The pain, the humiliation, the rejection still hurts today, even after 25+ years of therapy and self-help. The PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the depression is so profound, that I will be treated for it until the end of my days. I was eleven years old the first time I had suicidal thoughts!

But! I’m an optimistic depressive. I still believe in love and the good life. For the past decades (I know, I’m patient and a little wacko), I have been on the dating scene on and off and I have encountered all kinds of situations that are worthy of a story. I will share these stories in my blog.

Also, my grandmother once told me I’d be an old maid… I’m dead set against it! I will do everything in my power to find my best friend, my life partner, my lover, all rolled into one!

I hope my story inspires you to become a better you no matter what you’ve been through.

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