We’ve set the clocks back and unhappily welcome the early darkness. A lot of us hate this time of year. We’d rather have sunsets that start at 9 pm on the beach than darkness that starts at 4 pm. We want the heat, not the cold winter months that lay ahead. So, what can we do to stay sane during the dark depressing winter months? Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Use a phototherapy light. A friend gave me one for Christmas last year and it really does help.
    2. Paint. Take out your brushes and get creative. Keeping busy on a project will keep your mind off the dark that looms outside.
    3. Write. Journalling is one of the best therapies ever. I strongly recommend this as it helps evacuate negative thoughts.
    4. Visit friends and family. Make the extra effort to go out and see people, it will help keep your mind off bleak introspection.
    5. Take in the sunshine. No matter how cold it gets, try to squeeze in some outside light by going for a walk or doing other outdoor activities like snowshoeing, skating or skiing.
    6. Take some Vitamin D. Vitamin D will supply you with that extra boost of energy you need to produce a smile.
    7. Take online classes. Why not take that aerobics class you’ve been wanting to do for a while?
    8. Setup video meetings with family and friends. Have dinner together via video, it will break the feeling of loneliness.

Most importantly, remember that it’s only temporary. It’s so easy to forget when we are down, but things will naturally come back up. Hang in there! Time flies when you keep busy doing things you love.

I used to play the following song on a loop when I was feeling depressed. What’s your happy song?



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