Last weekend I watched the Bob Marley documentary on Netflix and I was in awe. I learned so much about the man behind the music. Then last night I went to see the movie One Love. Bob created a movement that still stands today and I’m in total admiration of his legacy.

Get up! Stand up! Stand up for your rights!

The whole world needs to hear Bob Marley’s message right now. It’s even more crucial in this crazy world we live in and the timing of this movie couldn’t be better. Let’s face it. The government is corrupted, media is owned and regulated by the government, youth are confused about their sexual identity and most people are selfish. We live in a world where everyone is fighting against everything and everyone. We need to unite – like we did at the convoy in Ottawa two years ago during the pandemic. This convoy not only served as a message of gathering and freedom for Canadians, but set a precedent for the whole world. Farmers around the globe are presently uniting for our freedom. Bob would be proud of all these people standing up for their rights.

Let’s get together and feel all right

Bob Marley, half black, half white, fought for racial identity his whole life until he found the Rastafari. The rastafari taught him that there is no you, just I and I. Unity. His message and his music brought peace and unification to two opposing gang leaders during a possible civil war in Jamaica in the 70s and later on brought peace to opposing government leaders. This one little man came into this world with a huge message of love. His energy transpired through his words and his bravery in the face of opposition. Robert Nesta Marley may no longer be with us in this realm, but his music and his messages linger on in our souls to this day. I and I. We are one.

One love! Go see the movie! Watch the documentary on Netflix.

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