Today, I must say goodbye to Chakra, one of my cats. He’s almost 10 years old and he’s now just skin and bones and he’s peeing everywhere. He’s going to be euthanized and it’s as if he knows because all of a sudden, he decided to eat again. My heart is in shambles. What if this is the wrong decision?

There were times when Chakra was full of life and brought my son and I so much joy. My son could do whatever he wants with that cat! As for me, I was just there to feed him and clean his litter. Chakra is my son’s cat, although he lives with me. He’s my little guru, he has a way of looking me in the eyes so profoundly, I’m sure if he could talk he would have so many wise things to say.

Chakra is my curious adventurer. I don’t remember how many times I locked him in the bathroom by mistake because he loved to play in the bathtub and I wouldn’t notice him in there. Once he was there for 48 hours! My other cat actually brought him little nuggets of food close to the door. He must of been crying a lot.

Once, I locked him out of my apartment when a guest was leaving. He spent the night in the hallway. Someone give him a box and a bowl of water.

Another time, he sneaked out the window… my indoor cat was stuck outside for three days before I found him. That was last Spring. His health has been going downhill since.

This decision was a very difficult one to take. A friend will accompany me and Chakra. Thank God, because I don’t think I could do this alone.

You will be greatly missed little guru. I love you.

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