Last spring, I took out my paintbrushes and started a new canvas. I attempted to paint Kurt Cobain, but I wasn’t satisfied, so I painted white over him. I then proceeded to paint something else and again, I covered it with white paint. I did this three times before I gave the canvas to a friend. I started yet another painting on a new canvas, and again, I’m feeling stuck.

The funny thing is that it seems my life is stuck on a blank canvas too. I try to write and nothing comes out, as if I have nothing to say anymore. In the past few years, I have become very zen, nothing bothers me much. I keep myself in situations that are simple and I stay away from drama. My belief is that this moment in time is too precious to destroy. There’s so much to appreciate! Family, friends, nature, water, sunsets, flowers, etc. Why waste my time on people or things that don’t fulfill me with joy.

For example, this week I’m dogsitting while a friend is away on another continent. I’m overjoyed at the idea of helping my fellow human beings in anyway I can. I don’t have time to miss my cat and my home since I’m keeping busy with Frankie the dog (named after Frank Zappa). I even let her sleep with me! She’s so adorable. Animals are precious souls. Frankie is young, innocent and joyful. She’s impossible not to love.

Although my painting and life canvases are blank, I fill my time with gratitude and service. One day my canvas will be filled with colour. Life is good.

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