I’ve been on a couple of dating sites on and off for the past 10 years or so. Many times I’ve been approached by seemingly perfect men who turned out to be scam artists. It happened to be a couple times so I know how to recognize them now. Here’s a few ways to detect a scam artist:

  1. Often, the scammer says he is a widower. This is to affects the side of a woman who wants to “take care” of a man.
  2. The scammer says he is in the military. He might say he’s in the same area as you are or that he wants to settle down in your area, but at the moment, he’s on tour overseas somewhere.
  3. His occupation is engineer or he has a Phd. To show off that he is highly educated and has lots of money, even though that is not the case.
  4. He’s looking for a long-term relationship and/or marriage.
  5. He says he wants the same thing as you are looking for.
  6. He falls in love quickly and tells you how you’re the one he’s been waiting for.
  7. He wants to use WhatsApp to communicate. He does not have Messenger or Facebook.
  8. His pictures are either vague or he’s a very handsome man. You can easily search the internet and find these pictures taken from other sites.
  9. He’s stuck overseas with no access to his bank account and needs money to “come see you”.
  10. When you suggest a video call, he will make up excuses for why he doesn’t have a camera or why it doesn’t work.

If you find a combination of these things in a man’s profile, I recommend you block him right away. Remember, stay safe! Always meet in a public place when going on a first date, even and especially if it clicks!

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