First dates are always stressful. You don’t know if the person you’re about to meet in person after having chatted with them on a dating website (see 3 Questions to Ask Before a First Date), is actually going to be someone you’ll click with.

Whenever possible, I make sure that the date is somewhere close to home. I usually choose a family restaurant that has a bar section. This is a neutral and friendly atmosphere. I try to arrive early to get a booth and to see my date arrive. When he does show up, I check how he is dressed, how he walks and I listen to the sound of his voice. And most importantly, I check to see if there is a spark.

If there is no spark, I’ll order a cup of coffee and have a quick conversation explaining that I don’t think this will go anywhere before I ask for the check and get up to leave. I mean, why waste his time or mine?

If there is a spark and the conversation flows, I’ll ask for a glass of wine and maybe even have dinner with him. That’s usually about as far as it goes on the first date.

If there is a second date, it’s usually going for a walk somewhere nice and populated. This is when the conversation gets deeper and more interesting.

Before the third date, I like to ask the following question: Would you like to pursue this with me and see where it goes? If the guy says he likes hanging out with me, but is too busy or whatever reason he may give, I end it there. What’s the point of pursuing this if the guy is not that interested? Am I to stick around until he meets someone else? No way!

I hope this helps with your dating. I’m curious to know if you have anything to add. Please feel free to comment below.

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