When I meet someone new on a dating website, if I’ve detected that they are real and not scammers, (see Dating Site Scammers: How to Detect Them), I always ask the following questions:

  1. What are you looking for in a relationship? Most people don’t really know how to answer this question so I have to follow-up with another question in order to clarify. A lot of men are looking for something casual. I’m looking for a man who wants a long-term relationship.
  2. What are your values? We all have values, but which values are important to you in a relationship? These values are my “Conditions of Satisfaction” for a good relationship. If you’re curious, mine are as follows: Respect, Communication, Loyalty, Fidelity and Trust.
  3. Would you like to go for a coffee? I ask this early in the conversation. What’s the point in chatting with someone for a week if there are no sparks when we meet in person?

I usually set a date within 24 hours of when we first chatted. This allows me to meet the person while the conversation is still fresh. If the person is interested he will make it happen.

Remember to always meet in a public place. Safety first!

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